just write

As long as it’s not written, it doesn’t exist.

This statement’s been on a loop the entire week. I hear it in whispers sometimes like in a round song. It stops when I face the reference book. I was hoping it would motivate me to work on the proposal. Still, I’m reading and encoding notes. At least I’m working on it. It’s not enough.

I need to submit the thing on Monday so I can schedule my examination -so I can get the approval for data gathering -so I can gather data -so I can encode the data -and analyze it -so I can write my research manuscript -so I can graduate.

For tonight, I just need to translate all these notes and thoughts into pages of the proposal. With this much caffeine boost (and the available reserve), I wouldn’t be able to sleep -even if I wanted to. That’s the idea. 

We’ll see how it goes. Although caffeine is strong, my laziness and procrastinatory tendencies can be quite powerful.


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