God,it felt good to press that “send” button. That’s one thing out of my deliverables. Finally.

Although it’s nothing one could take pride in, it did give me relief. Right now, that’s a good thing.  To not worry as much for my proposal in the next days. I’m waiting eagerly for (not dreading) the comments. For now, I’m just glad to have research proposal crossed out in my list. It’s been in the backlog category for a long time.

Everything I’ve read and thought of was reduced to 22 pages – single spacing. I held the pages dearly this afternoon. All those nights worrying and reading (then accidentally sleeping – and oversleeping) come down to 22 pages. I can’t quite figure out if I’n under- or overwhelmed. The output seemed too thin for all those headaches and caffeine overdose. However, it did took some effort to expand on the framework. Enough of this. It’s been submitted – online, at least. I’ve prepared four sets of the proposal for my advisory committee and the graduate school. Hard copies to be delivered tomorrow.

There’s a lot of work needed to improve that output. An understatement.

I just had to remove it from my to-do list and schedule the examination – and yeah, organize all those ideas about the research in time for data gathering later this semester.

A productive day, no doubt.


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