where the (concrete) road ends

The research team was wrapping up the discussion at Brgy. Escaler in Magalang, Pampanga. One of the dreams of corn farmers in the area was to have farm-to-market roads so they could earn more from their harvest.

The farms are located at least 15 minutes away from this point. Not all farmers can afford to invest of motor vehicles to transport their crops to the market. For now, they are left with little choice but to sell their harvest at the price dictated by traders. The traders, who own the large trucks, buy corn from the farm at relatively lower prices.

With no knowledge of the fair price of corn in the market, the corn farmers are have no way of checking if their crops are unfairly priced.

This is the second village our team has visited for the  first day of data gathering. Dust, heat, and all, I’m enjoying this trip 😀

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