an encounter with a farmer-scientist

Hospitality. Nothing beats the warm welcome Pinoys offer to visitors – even strangers (that would be us).Our team of nine was introduced to Mr. Rey Mallari, a farmer-scientist in Brgy. Divisoria, Magalang, Pampanga. Mr. Mallari gave us a tour of his farm and sentenced about four native chickens which was to be part of lunch later that day.

A gracious host, Mr. Mallari humbly shared the story of his family and how he came to become a farmer-scientist over large bowls of arroz caldo. The cool breeze and love songs in the local dialect set the background for lunch at about two in the afternoon. Lunch, for me, was two servings of the arroz caldo 😀Dessert came in the form of guavas, which we harvested with the help of the dependable panungkit, a makeshift bamboo pole used to get fruits high up in the tree branches.

I love working.

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