what you pay for

Anything above P600 is not to be considered. So I scour racks and piles of denim to find that new pair of pants – with reduced price.

I’ve always thought of shopping for jeans as a stressful activity. Settling on best fit and the amount I’m willing to part is always a challenge.

There’s the frustration over not fitting in your previous size or having to deal with disproportionate hip width and leg length jeans and deciding which pair to get. And sometimes, having to go home empty handed, exhausted after all that time spent going through stores and fitting, and finding nothing you’d be comfortable in and with, fit and price considered.

Tonight, it was a breeze. I dropped by the department store after dealing with the groceries to look around. This one sales lady was very helpful (and she wasn’t trying too hard to sell the merchandise). She was pleasant and patient, considering it was minutes before the end of her shift (- and the mall’s operation hours.) She helped me with the sizes (bless her) and the style and in a few minutes she presented the options. The assistance provided and the fit made the price reasonable. It’s not just the merchandise a consumer pays for. It also includes the time you saved and the stress/anxiety you didn’t experience.

I left the store with the purchases relieved and happy – and not stressed. “So this is what you pay for,” I thought. It took me five years to realize this. A bit slow. The price was reasonable. It was a bargain if I were to consider the assistance provided, the fit, and the range of options. Maybe it’s just me justifying the purchases. Although, it didn’t feel like I had to. There’s no guilt associated with this one. Strange.

In the end, what matters is how good you feel with your purchases and getting your money’s worth. In a way, I got more than what I paid for.


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