The first time I spent the whole work day at the new room. It’s peaceful. I get to observe a lot of people from the window 😀

The scent of coffee brewing concluded the transfer of work room. It’s only this late in the afternoon that I get to enjoy the room. I was still hammering concrete nails on the wall this morning.

With the transfer completed, there’s a lot of documents I need to deal with. The two-day transfer took up a lot of work time. There’s the motivation to do better. With less distractions, I should be focusing on the completion of tasks. Should. Hah!

It’s physically draining, the clear-transfer-organize-reorganize routine. It’s disorienting. I can deal with the aching muscles from the pushing and lifting. Thank goodness I had a lot of help. It’s the helplessness that stresses me the most. It’s the disorientation due to an unfamiliar space layout. I still have to locate a lot of things. I know, I’ll find them eventually. Hopefully soon.

It’s going to take time getting used to this quiet.

2 thoughts on “210B”

  1. Hi Ma’am Candy! Is your new room Sir Ed’s old office room? Changes are happening in college again, I miss! 🙂

    1. Hi Alyssa 😀 Aba, dumalaw lang sa Elbi ‘pag may oras. It’s a different room. Dun ako sa second floor na newsroom ng DEVC 123 last sem.

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