Managed to stay in the stationary bike for an hour – without using the seat. That’s what guilt could do to you.

With the rain pouring outside, there’s no chance for a jog. That’s been a convenient excuse for the past week. Too convenient that I can sense the unburned layers. Plus, it’s getting more difficult to deal with stairs and walking. And I’ve been too fond of fast food this week (and the previous weeks.)

The thing with rain, it encourages inactivity -more screen staring and sleep. And it makes food more appealing and the going out to get food less appealing. So you get food delivered to you. Laziness. Pure laziness.

The one hour session won’t be enough to burn what I have consumed for the weekend. Still, I’m glad I got rid of some. It’s the first time I managed to use that chunk of metal at the foot of the bed that’s been collecting dust for the past month.

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