back to ten

I’m hoping I’d be able to maintain this as the normal of rounds. It’s been almost quarter a year since I last completed the ten rounds of jog.  I had the monthly visit, the flu, and the cold as reasons for not jogging. I guess I’ve ran out of excuses.

There were several attempts. I never even got to eight rounds. The best I could do for the month was seven. Until tonight 😀


two more

It’s like there’s this fear of running out of books to read.

I  got two more books over the weekend for P99. One of these days (sometime soon!) I’d have to dispose of the books that’s been piling. Or I could save up for a bookshelf. A big one.

I was just waiting for the next screening of Hotel Transylvania. 

Friday finds

Dinner with the eldest sister and the nieces was accompanied by good humored banter. Always a pleasure to see a healthy dose of wit and sarcasm in the nieces.

The dinner companions dropped by the newly opened supermarket and I made a stop at the bookstore to get new stock for the evening read.

Three books for P150. Not bad. I hope they last the weekend.


Finally, some siting.

Out of the corner of the building he appeared. Plain white shirt and patched jeans. He looked like a character from one of the recently read books. I think that is basically it. Plus of course, anything this pleasant-looking doesn’t abound this area. Suddenly, the noon heat was more tolerable. No heat could wipe the grin of this face.

Giddy. The word entered the mind. I did not attempt to recall the last time the word was used to describe an emotion experienced firsthand.

Looked heavenwards and uttered a prayer of thanks. I prayed! Gratitude. One more siting please? I could not help but add. Please? One has to understand the drought of inspiration one experiences. It’s not every day we get a subject of appreciation.

The creature bore no resemblance to a god or a model or anyone ridiculously attractive. It just has something to do with him having seemingly leaped out of the pages of this one book (I can’t even remember the title). And yes, one could consider individual standards. It varies.

He, up there, must have some surplus of kindness (or pity) that He granted another siting. Nearer. More observation time. Well, relatively. The grin could not have extended for it had reached its limit. Any wider and I’d need an extension of the face.

Another prayer of thanks. A way better mood. Thank you!


for the eldest sister

I broke the extra glass in the workplace. As a result, I could not offer the eldest sister even water. The tumbler’s constant contents is a blend – not the kind the sister favors.

Simply put, I needed another mug, cup, or glass. Then Manong Ceramics arrived. Somehow, I can’t recall how he left with the payment for six of these cups.

some game

There’s this ridiculous game. So far, it has motivated me to come to work earlier than usual. Thing is, the other player doesn’t even know such game exists. And I find some sense of achievement every time I win.

I just cannot help it. I see him dozing a few times. By “him”, I don’t really mean one person. I do know there are different guards assigned throughout the week. By “he“, I’m basically referring to whoever is on duty.

He’s a constant in the window view. One time I found it weird that he wasn’t there. Then I realized it was a Saturday. It made sense. The bank is closed on weekends.

At a race for time with the security guard at the bank across the office building. It’s been 3-1, in favor of yours truly for this week. Who gets to work first? A silly game. Yet it never fails to make me smile in every win. I do realize it’s unfair to the security guard since he’s not even aware that such game exists 😀 But nothing is ever fair and there’s no harm done in indulging in some silliness – especially if it brings me to the office before 8 am 😀

what is

I’m getting older. Aging. It’s not something negative or positive. It just is happening.


A colleague one wore a shirt with the text “If it’s getting louder, you’re getting older“. I was on the defensive aka denial mode at the time.

Now things have changed. Guilty. I thought one’s sense of hearing diminished as one ages? It’s the tolerance to noise. How much of the usually perceived sounds are considered as noise. There’s the surround sound system of the neighbors and the dogs whining and toying with cans and foil packaging and the babies crying, evening get-togethers that span ’til daybreak, even the buzzing of nocturnal insects, and the flatline sound that goes on and on. Good luck getting any sleep at all.

Sick at work

Colds are becoming a bother at work. Colds didn’t have much effect on my work before. There was a time when I took pride that productivity levels were unaffected by the flu or cold. Now it’s a struggle.

Things are in slow motion. It’s never as fast as they should be. Taking a break from work and getting a day’s rest results in a more productive week compared with attempts to get work done while one’s sick.

A bother

One becomes very selective on the things that one would let bother him/her. One becomes more realistic – and sarcastic. Earlier today, only two out of six groups submitted their group outputs. The younger me, idealistic and all, would engage in a sermon about the importance of deadlines. I’d rant and I leave work frustrated and disappointed. Well now, all that’s basically a waste of time and emotion. That can be very draining. Not something I’d want right now.

There’s that one moment when you ask yourself Am I really going to let this one get to me? 

So during that noon class, stomach empty and dealing with this cold, I took a moment and a deep breath and decided that it would a no. I got two submissions for a deadline that has already been extended for a week. I got two submissions. Two out of six.  It’s not a good figure. If it were a test score, it’d be a failing grade.

Still, at least I have something I could work on initially. The rest of the outputs would arrive. There’s no use for a sermon. I just asked what the problems encountered were and how the groups planned to deal with it and when the groups will be able to submit. Left the room still in an okay mood with promises of submissions until Monday next week.

The situation was very far from ideal. It’s far from what has been agreed upon. It’s failure to follow instructions. It is what it is. Real. What is. It could have been better. Way better.

Perhaps as one ages, time and emotion become more valuable that one would be very selective about the things that one would be willing to use these two things on.