Day 3 South Cotabato (Gen San City, Polomolok, & Lake Sebu)

We met with the corn farmers from T’boli in the municipal nursery at Polomolok.
We were worried that no one would come. It was half past nine in the morning and the place was empty.

Then the white trucks arrived. About 60 farmers were present. It was one long session. One that we’re glad to have behind us.

In the afternoon, we made the trip to Lake Sebu. The ears popped every once in a while as the van made its way up the mountain roads.

To de-stress, the group indulged in some serious retail therapy. I got the top part of the T’boli costume at COWHED, a cooperative of T’boli women. Their shop had a native loom in display. That’s some complicated display. I wasn’t able to take a photo since I was too busy convincing myself that the top was a good buy. The price was out of my usual price range. But the beadwork was really good. It’s a bargain to think that it was hand stitched.

Then I had to rush back to the van since we’re really here for work after all 😀


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