Day 5 South Cotabato (Lake Sebu)

After about an hour’s drive from the resort, we arrived st the barangay hall. The ears had this constantp popping as the driver dealt with a (very) rough road. Felt sorry for the van as it collected bumps and scratches as it maneuvered its way to the barangay hall. We reached the vehicle entered an enclosed compound. There was a man with a rifle, a member of an army detachment. This morning needs no caffeine to keep me awake.

“Why would there be a small detachment in this area?” A question I didn’t want answered. “And why did it seem like it was just a makeshift, nonpermanent detachment?” I opted not to ask. On our way home, I was informed that the area was on red alert. I’m thankful I didn’t know that during my interview with the farmers. My cold was enough a distraction.

It was a relatively peaceful morning and the soldiers kept to their area. They didn’t check on us. We conducted our survey and wrapped things up in an hour. We were back to the rough road, the van earning more bumps and scratches as we mase our way to Tambler Airport.

At this point, we take turns with the sneeze and the cough. We get to forget the cold whenever we’re on shop mode.

After five days here, we’re all looking forward to going home. It’s a weekend without much chance to recharge for next week.


It’s goodbye to Korinadal City for now.


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