Finally, some siting.

Out of the corner of the building he appeared. Plain white shirt and patched jeans. He looked like a character from one of the recently read books. I think that is basically it. Plus of course, anything this pleasant-looking doesn’t abound this area. Suddenly, the noon heat was more tolerable. No heat could wipe the grin of this face.

Giddy. The word entered the mind. I did not attempt to recall the last time the word was used to describe an emotion experienced firsthand.

Looked heavenwards and uttered a prayer of thanks. I prayed! Gratitude. One more siting please? I could not help but add. Please? One has to understand the drought of inspiration one experiences. It’s not every day we get a subject of appreciation.

The creature bore no resemblance to a god or a model or anyone ridiculously attractive. It just has something to do with him having seemingly leaped out of the pages of this one book (I can’t even remember the title). And yes, one could consider individual standards. It varies.

He, up there, must have some surplus of kindness (or pity) that He granted another siting. Nearer. More observation time. Well, relatively. The grin could not have extended for it had reached its limit. Any wider and I’d need an extension of the face.

Another prayer of thanks. A way better mood. Thank you!


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