some game

There’s this ridiculous game. So far, it has motivated me to come to work earlier than usual. Thing is, the other player doesn’t even know such game exists. And I find some sense of achievement every time I win.

I just cannot help it. I see him dozing a few times. By “him”, I don’t really mean one person. I do know there are different guards assigned throughout the week. By “he“, I’m basically referring to whoever is on duty.

He’s a constant in the window view. One time I found it weird that he wasn’t there. Then I realized it was a Saturday. It made sense. The bank is closed on weekends.

At a race for time with the security guard at the bank across the office building. It’s been 3-1, in favor of yours truly for this week. Who gets to work first? A silly game. Yet it never fails to make me smile in every win. I do realize it’s unfair to the security guard since he’s not even aware that such game exists 😀 But nothing is ever fair and there’s no harm done in indulging in some silliness – especially if it brings me to the office before 8 am 😀


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