It’s 1-1 so far, me and the guard in this game he’ll never know. Gave the eldest sister a good laugh, this game, when I explained the mechanics.

Yesterday, he won. I came to work past 8am and he was already at his post. This morning, I came minutes earlier than he did 😀 I had coffee brewing when he arrived.

The day’s been spent editing the students’ news stories and the newsletters/magazines. I’m not even through yet. How can one sentence take up a whole day? Require more than a day’s work? I still have a lot of comments to write. It never ends.




5 thoughts on “”

      1. Don’t remind me. It’s a testament to another year gone without having reached certain goals! LOL! Nonetheless, Its always great to be alive and enjoy everyday. Another year to do many a great things! Diba?

      2. Pang isang blog post na ang mga sentimiyentong ganyan. (Maliban pa dun sa “Plans”.) Isama mo naman ang pagdalaw-dalaw dito. Ang tahimik. Namiss ko na ang banters niyo ni Theia.

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