a nice surprise

It’s a good thing the students paid the office a visit this morning to claim their commented news drafts.

I ended up spending the day in a workshop for next week’s university event. I enjoyed myself. I was surprised to realize that on the walk back to the office earlier this afternoon.

For five hours, the members of our committee did the cutting, sorting, and packing in preparation for two of next week’s events.

I was hungry but it was fine. I had to take a hike to the location and it wasn’t a bother. I stood for hours straight sorting invitations,  punching holes, adding ribbons, and slipping the sheets inside envelopes. The back did hurt but it was okay. I felt productive after seeing the day’s work neatly organized in the conference table.

Usually, I’d be restless and I’ll think of an excuse to escape from the workshop and do my part of the tasks assigned – alone. But this time, I had fun. Surprisingly, I had fun. I’m a bit slow in processing this kind of things.

Two hours after the workshop ended, I just noticed I was complaint/rant-free.

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