The third sister and I accompanied the eldest sister in her field trip at an agriculture expo at the trade center.

Aside from being the helpful sisters that we were, came that craving for a gelato that receive great reviews from last year’s visit to the same expo. So we accompanied the high school students and spent the Saturday as chaperones.

It was the food section of the expo I really wanted to visit 😀 Although we did find a lot of interesting products in the other sections. One could spend the entire day in this place. There was a lot to see – and taste. By the time we passed this booth, we had sampled wines from tropical fruits and rice. We decided not to take on the  invite for a taste of this flavored lambanog (or was it vodka?) drinks. We were, after all accompanying minors and our job was to keep them off these booths 😀

As with any field trip, we went to the nearest mall for the free late lunch 😀 The walk back to the meeting area from the late lunch resulted to some purchases. It just so happened that I also had purchased a few items during the aunt’s birthday celebration last night.

It’s gonna be siomai mode next week.



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