Finally got to test the bench at the office. Quite comfortable for a power nap 😀

Last night seemed like a long evening although we did go home earlier than what we’re used to. We did have to report at 6am this morning in our registration booth ( It’s 2-1 in favor of the guard, so far.) Spent time with the university alumni.

They’re always a fun bunch reminiscing their college days. I met someone who was in Los Banos when the war broke in 1941-45. He’a an entomologist turned economist. A 73-year old who refuses to retire and with some serious memory capacity. He remains unaided and walks from his home in Demarses to the campus grounds. He says the secret lies in avoiding hard drinks and cigarettes.

Has my last class earlier. It’s a distracted group. They seem to have a major exam schedules for this evening. It’s the last day of classes. Which reminds me of my own course requirements as a student :S


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