not pad thai

The Thai owner suggested that I try their spicy noodles. The pad thai has been a default order.

I stared at the menu for sometime. I don’t want to eat pad thai again. I wanted a noodle dish that was spicy. I’m not really familiar with the other dishes in the menu. Until now, I’ve been content with the pad thai and spicy beef noodle soup.

Sensing this dilemma (or perhaps I was just wasting a lot of time), I asked  what other noodle dish they had that was spicy (more than the usual). Spicy noodle, she recommended pointing to the menu entry with stated “spicy noodle”. Now, how could I have missed that? The order was set. The wait was short.

Baan Thai’s spicy noodles

Definitely spicy. Love it!

It was one of those days when I haven’t really been cleared of the cold and the taste buds can’t sense anything but heat.

I like having lunch in this place because it’s peaceful. Despite not being confined in air-conditioned space, one can get some breeze in the mid afternoons. If I need to get some lunch on time, I’d just get any fruit shake and I’d be okay for the next hour.

I’m waiting for a rainy day to indulge in the spicy beef noodles once more. Will be on the look out for dark clouds in the next days.


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