feel good Friday

Done with the comments and (initial) ratings for the student outputs. It’s so nice to have the table free of student outputs 😀 I hope I can be this productive every day. I wish.

This productivity is the reason for the piles of student outputs and meeting notes scattered within reach. The mess indicates I’m seriously working, meaning I have a deadline within in a few hours.

The sisters often wonder how I could live in clutter. It remains a puzzle how I manage to find things I need under piles of papers and drawers filled with uncategorized contents or how I manage to work with layers of paper in the work table (or the conditions of my computer desktop).

The eldest sister’s company was effective in reinforcing guilt, the time-proven motivation to finish any task. Before 5 pm, we were both done with the day’s tasks. So much for the plan to take a jog tonight. I ended up putting more things to burn on the net jog – whenever that may be.

The week ends on a 3-2; I, scoring this morning’s tie breaker. (This is so pathetic, I know. But I still submit to this game because it makes me come to work early so I get to finish more tasks, which is basically an unneeded justification to this silly game.)


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