Had been craving for Bugong’s spicy alamang or shrimp paste since last week. I’m blaming the vendors selling green mangoes – about three of them from the UP Gate to FO Santos.  Bicolanos call shrimp paste bagoong but for the Tagalogs, bagoong is fish paste.

The sliced mangoes are sold for P20-P25 with alamang. Merely passing the makeshift stalls excites the salivary glands.  It’s a bit pricey but since I haven’t seen green mangoes on fruit stalls, I thought the price was acceptable.

Earlier tonight, however, I chanced upon a small stock of green mangoes. Got a kilo (that’d be four big pieces). Now I had my reason to buy Bugong’s alamang (P48). Walked back to the campus gate.

To enjoy  alamang and green mangoes, I’d need something to watch or read something. Watch, it was. Got some DVDs.

All that for some alamang craving.


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