Day 1/6 Koronadal City (South Cotabato)

The trip from Los Baños to NAIA 3 was more nerve-racking than the commute from Tambler to General Santos and from General Santos to Koronadal City.

Our flight arrived on time. At 3:30, one emerged from Tambler Airport to we swarmed with taxi drivers ready to haggle prices. If you  make it through persistent drivers, you’d find multicabs with trips to General Santos.

To go to Koronadal City, I took the multicab to General Santos (P50), which drops us off at the GenSan Terminal. Take the nonstop Yellow Bus bound for Koronadal City (P70-P80).

It was 5:30 pm when I arrived at the city. Tricycle have a minimun of P8. It’s quite nice to have a solo ride for P8 😀 You can hail a tricycle from almost any part of the city.

The language was something I had to deal with. Ilocano and Ilonggo are the two dialects spoken in the area. I can get the general idea of the sentence but it would take time for me to process it. An unfamiliar language does have a way of making one feel lost. But I guess I’ll get more comfortable with the words – and hopefully process things faster – in the next days.

This week’s task is to complete 30 interviews from six barangays in the next four days.

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