Day 3/6 Koronadal City (South Cotabato)


We were back in Brgy. Magsaysay at 6 am for the two remaining farmer-interviewees in the area. Thank goodness the brain cells cooperated and I managed to ask follow-up questions.

One of the interviewees haven’t had her breakfast yet but she was kind enough to give an interview.

At 7:30 am, we made our way to Brgy. Concepcion  barangay hall. We became part of the feeding program in the barangay daycare center 😀 Full parasitic mode. I should be the one offering snacks as these people are my respondents. Yet, I find myself receiving snacks in every barangay hall and home I come to.

At lunch time, we were off to Brgy. San Roque, the area where I managed to take some photos of the postharvest corn processing. It was a nice break from the interview questions I have repeated and will be repeating for the corn farmers in the remaining three barangays.

Finished the interviews at 1 pm and was offered free lunch by the people at the barangay hall.

Then came the rain. A steady drizzle that started at noon and it’s still raining as I write this entry in the evening. The thing with riding on a motocycle to go around barangays, I never really thought of buying raincoats. From the last two trips in the area, it was warm and dry. I didn’t even think it rained here. Obviously, it does. At 3pm, we got tired of waiting for the rain to stop so we brave the relatively lighter droplets and made the trip back to the city proper.

I now know what “icy needles of pain” means from what the face experience in the highway motor ride back to the inn. I just hope I don’t get sick from this. I now know better to prepare raincoats. And yeah, it is still raining.

Still, the day was productive. We’re halfway completing the interviews 😀

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