Day 4/6 Koronadal City (South Cotabato)

Covered Brgy. Saravia and Brgy. Paraiso today.

See, I got my rain pants on (with the rain coat, of course). It felt like I was one of those movie characters that work in the lab where they have to suit up before entering the restricted area. It was definitely a challenge to get on and off the motorcycle. The rain pants kept slipping.

It was a rainy start for the day. The first stop was Brgy. Saravia. Managed to get six interviews in the area. Thank goodness we chanced upon corn farmers in the dryer area. Some of the farms were in the mountains. They just happened to go down to the dryer to get their corn. Got lucky on that one.

Come lunch time and we were on our way to Brgy. Paraiso. Became part of another feeding program. Manage to finish about five interviews and by 3pm, we were on the way back. An early rest for tonight, finally. Tomorrow, were are to report at the next barangay at 7 am.

Slept the rest of the afternoon away then woke up with the coffee craving. I went to McGregor’s Coffee Place along the highway. I’ve been eyeing the place since day 1 in the city. It was great to find a coffee place without the loud undergrads. This is the coffee shop you can be alone with your thoughts. I love their whipped cream. It’s rich and not that sweet. I tried their Highlander coffee because it claimed to be “foamy”. I was initially planning to get a  cappuccino because of the foam but since this other menu entry boasted of also being “foamy”, I thought it should be worth a try. And foamy, it definitely was.


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