I’d save a lot on food expenses if all Saturdays were like this one.

It was about 5 am when I arrived at the apartment, bags and all. It’s been quite an educational night. It was worth all the stress and cab fares and yeah, the struggle to stay awake.

Managed to do a little cleaning in the week-old abandoned space. It was dusty and I didn’t exactly leave the place tidy five days ago. And so I suffer from the consequences of my laziness.

The cleaning extended to the laundry and the self to wash off the smell of smoke from last night. I just wanted the day’s tasks to be completed so I can have the day for sleep.

I was supposed to go to the mother’s place after waking up at noon. Somehow, I fell right back to sleep as I planned the rest of the day’s tasks. It was 5 pm when I woke up. And there I was still feeling sleep.

Peeled the self off the bed so I could get the week’s groceries. There’s something awkward with getting back to the usual routine. There’s that nagging feeling that something’s amiss. Dropped off  two week’s laundry at the shop. Still sleepy, I dealt with the groceries. At least I’ve got two tasks off the day’s list.

Was horrified to realize I wasn’t able to pay the mother a visit. Hopefully, an apology would be enough. Then again, the grandson, my nephew would have kept her busy the entire day. Hopefully, she did not notice my absence.

Bought my breakfast/lunch/dinner on the way home. Usually, I’d the stomach would wake me up from hunger during attempts at long sleep. Today, I guess even the stomach grumbling wasn’t enough to wake me up


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