7 am class

It’s always a challenge to conduct classes without the first cup of caffeine in the morning.

Had a 7 am class. I made sure I’d finish the day’s  lecture last night. What I forgot was to get the equipment I needed to project the slide presentation. I did manage to go on with the lecture without the presentation. It was one productive session.

For the rest of the day, I worked in zombie mode, coffee and all. It seemed like the day’s supply of energy was used up during the morning class. Thank goodness I have no class in the afternoon. A couple of student consultations were manageable. I kept getting coffee refills. It didn’t really work.

After the afternoon going away party for our colleague, I waited for 5 pm to arrive. I was so looking forward to getting some sleep.I didn’t even bother to get dinner. Well, at least until the stomach woke me up at about 9 pm. Fixed a tuna cheese sandwich and worked on a post – and it’s sleep once more.

I promised the self that I’d stick to holding 7 am classes for this semester. Never easy but we’ll work something out. It leaves one drained for the rest of the day but there’s that sense of being productive. I’ll take that over comfort and convenience. And, I’m not exactly enduring anything. There’s some comfort in realizing that the students are also exerting effort to keep awake in class.

Must remember to come to the office earlier to prepare the morning brew for 18.

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