of stupidity and stupidity

I kept waiting for the alarm to sound. It was quite a long wait so I slipped back to sleep. It was alte when I got up.

Looked at the phone. It was on silent mode. Great.

Rushed through the morning routine and managed to get to the office a little after 8 am. Here I was hoping I could maintain the getting to the office on or before 8 am. That ensures that I get to be somewhat productive for the day.

For reasons of stupidity and stupidity, I am to meet this one class for the first time. And here I am fretting with the alarm clock setting, the handouts for the day, exercise sheets, among other stuff. What else could possible happen to make me miss this meeting?!

The first week of classes, I got the schedule wrong. My teaching load indicated a Tuesday instead of a Thursday. So I spent about 30 minutes waiting for the class to arrive that first Tuesday. It never occurred to me that I could have easily checked the schedule of the class conveniently indicated on top of the class list that I’ve been staring at for a quite some time as I waited. The second week, I forgot that the records in our college database is still to be updated hence, there are still no updated classlists since the university registration is still ongoing. There I was, about eight regions away, preparing the exercise for that week with no email addresses to send it to. This seems to becoming a pattern. Not one I’d like to keep.

So today, I cannot mess this up.


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