that nook

It’s becoming more difficult (and more expensive) to find that space. That corner where you get work done. It’s the escape from the office. It’s the place to go to to work on that guilt of having watched too many movies or read too much novels and having had too much sleep.

When the decision was made to not use the apartment for work, the search for the workspace became a concern. I used to spend time at the coffee shop a few minute’s walk from the office and the apartment. The cafe has transferred to a location that takes two rides. For someone who’s too lazy for commute, that’s discouraging.

This afternoon though, I just had to get out of the apartment and finish this to-do that’s been in my planner for a week. Thought it would be a good time to pay the cafe a visit.

Uncertainty. Yes, it would be the first time I enter those gates. It was a Sunday, so there wasn’t much people around. Perfect! I found found the quiet corner I wanted. That’s the one with the nearest electrical socket for the laptop.

It’s been years since I last had a coffee in here. It takes some time to process everything. All the while, I kept asking myself why I haven’t visited earlier. It was the quiet coffee place where one can work. It would take a while (and a lot of pay) to get to know the new menu but it’s something I’m looking forward to. From late lunch to dinner I stayed. All the while thinking, the search has ended.

Found it.


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