purrrr-ple :D


Purrr-ple 2

Had the College’s games today. The main challenge was to prepare a cheer for the team. Spent the morning  thinking of steps to be performed later in the afternoon and sharing the steps with the team members. I never thought I’d see myself teach anyone any step related to dance. The few minutes in between cheer practice was spent trying to come up with a logo for the team. Just had to have something. Anything.

I can sense that the students were horrified with the steps I was sharing 😀 The deal was if they could think of an alternative step, then we’ll change the choreography. If they can’t, we’ll just take comfort in the thought that all 16 of us will share the ridicule we’ll be receiving. Anyway, the games are for fun and for everyone to have a good time. A break from academic requirements.

We had great team members. We didn’t win. We could have if we didn’t correct the ratings. We’ll take comfort in knowing we’re honest and that our honesty was appreciated – and we were able to play.

I can’t say it was easy. But it was fun. It was great to be part of the Purrr-ple Team 😀


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