caught the bug

I’m sick

in the middle of a holiday

just when I’m cramming to meet today’s deadline.

Great. (See, being sick is no excuse for not submitting the outputs.)

What I’d give for a bowl of spicy beef noodle soup.

How am I supposed to enjoy all the sweet salad and the ice cream and the cakes when the throat is burning sore. The throat is dry despite the liter by the hour gulps of water. The bladder is not very happy about this water therapy.

There’s a bug in the house. The family members have been alternately sneezing and coughing since start of the Christmas break. The source need not be blamed. It’s just that my immune system has no reason not to beat this flu. I’m well rested and relaxed and way more than well-nourished. I may have overdid the sleeping and resting part. Perhaps, it the weather. I haven’t seen the sun in two (?) days. Thankfully, we were blessed with a few hours of sun this morning. And then the gloom returned.

Hopefully, I’d recover before the new year starts. Wouldn’t want to start the year all teary and  coughing and sniffing.



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