Have this tendency to forget things so I browsed the diary and the planner to collect the highlights of the year – the good and the not-so-good ones. The year wasn’t without its challenges. It continues to amaze me how I managed to get by each week. I feel blessed and thankful – and relieved.

2012 brought great changes. It feels like I gathered years of lessons in the last 365 days.  There was more time for reflection on lessons and realization.  I’ve grown a lot this year.I wish I could use the word matured but it’s something lighter than that.


  • 12-17 Palawan Trip 😀 Busuanga, Coron, and Calauit
  • 28 Got published


  • 5 Major heartbreak. Spilled water on the laptop. Start of a meltdown.
  • 7 The day I’ll be forever indebted to the second sister. Got help from the family. Never cried that hard.
  • 8 Touched.
  • 9 Got the new unit. Got my sanity back.


  • 16 Started the 10 rounds jog


  • 18-20 Iloilo Research Trip
  • 24 A night out in the city


  • 3-7 A week stay at the hospital thanks to typhoid and dengue.
  • 24-26 South Cotabato research trip (General Santos and Koronadal)
  • 31 Darn stupidity. Lost my keys. All my keys.


  • 18 Celebrated my fifth year at work. I know I complain a lot about work. Wrote the word “celebrated” without much thought. Maybe my subconscious is happy with the work.


  • 12-15 Pampanga Research Trip (Magalang, Mexico, Arayat, and Malinao)
  • 31 Passed the comprehensive exam 😀


  • 13 Major episode.


  • 12-16 South Cotabato Research Trip. (General Santos, Koronadal, Banga, Polomolok, and Lake Sebu)


  • 19 Booked the dream trip 😀 All giddy.
  • 26-28 Became a participant in a workshop. No documentation work assigned to me 😀 


  • 9-11 Rapporteur. Paper presentation. Firsts 😀
  • 18-23 First solo trip. Koronadal City. Data Gathering. Met 34 farmers in five days.
  • 23-Highly recommended educational trip to celebrate the sisters’ birthdays. Another first 😀


  • 2 Rediscovery
  • 6 From 1st practice to performance in 5 hours
  • 21 Surprise gift 😀 Who would have thought.
  • 31 Submitted the remaining half of the output – three days late 😀

Looking back, I can only appreciate and be thankful for what happened in 2012. I’m not proud of everything I did nor am I sure that I did the right things. There were lapses. There were shortcomings. There was a lot of uncertainties. There were a lot of decisions to be made. I take comfort in the thought that I did what I can at the moment I had to make decisions.

In the end, no matter what one experiences – the pleasant and the not – it is the family that matters most. If we think about it, it’s the one constant answer to the three most important questions What makes you happy?, What are you grateful for? , and What do you want?


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