IMG_1457Found myself on a bus ride to Banaue on a Thursday evening. We have a project in Banaue and this would be the initial site visit.

Out of town trips, even for work, is always welcomed as a reason for getting out of the office. I don’t really know what to expect from this trip. At least I can always take note of possibilities for future trips – leisure trips.

We’ll be working with a two research groups. The first few hours are always the most awkward 🙂

Looking forward to seeing the famous terraces 😀





Initial laid out draft completed. Now awaiting comments for revision. Will still be  proofreading this one in a while. I’m really looking forward to sending a draft off to the press.

If only I could exert the same effort for my research, I would have completed the transcriptions by now. How I wish I could pay myself to prioritize my thesis  😀 Be my own client. That’s a thought.  (This is desperation.) Although I doubt the self-trickery would really work. When I’m desperate enough (more desperate than I am now) and when I have cash (now this is more of a challenge), I’d give this one a try.

It really doesn’t help when one (that would be me) knows that her client (still me) doesn’t have the cash to pay for the services rendered. I’ve run out of motivations for completing even just the transcriptions. I haven;t even touched the analysis part and the writing – the rewriting and the re-rewriting and the defense. God help me. And me, do please (seriously) help me.

Completing three out of 34 transcriptions in laughable. If I were my advisee, I’m get some serious lecture how one should prioritize working on transcribing the interviews immediately after conducting them. I did observe that I’ve become much more understanding to my research advisees’ concerns and limitations. I’ve constantly been using we. The advice is usually themed This-is-what-I-did. Don’t-be-like-me.

These days, I could tie everything that happens to my research – rather, the absence of its tangible form.

January jog log


A eight rounds, this would be my last jog for January.

January 2013


There’s a lot of work to be done but I’ just glad I managed to have a jog at least every week. January will (hopefully) be my baseline for this year. I’m hoping I could do better this February and the succeeding months.

The past years show that the motivation for keeping the weekly jog wanes as the year progresses. I may have to do something about that 😐



One down. Three more to go. Fulfillment in all eight pages – plus seeing the reactions of the students upon seeing their work . It’s not perfect but I’m mighty proud of this one – as I am proud of the students who worked for this issue.

We sent the pdf file last Monday. Jmar Printing delivered it today. It’s one great day.

a pleasant surprise

01192013I seem to have counted the rounds wrong. That, or the application had an error.

It felt like a short run. I was surprised to find out that I managed two hours tonight. I may have spaced out. Had more deadlines than usual lined up for this week. More reasons to avoid going home early.

My unconscious may have thought that it’d be a great excuse to avoid working tonight if tire myself enough with the rounds. It’s working 😀

Hopefully, I’ll manage to crawl out of bed in a few hours and deal with some of tomorrow’s deliverables.



The guy at the back of the counter laughed in disbelief when he saw my purchases – asado siopao and an orange Slurpee. It was the Slurpee part that amused him. It took me a while to process what was strange about buying the Slurpee. I smiled and exited the convenient store.

Darn. It. is. COLD! The brain screamed. Forced to maintain the smile under gritted teeth. It was before 7am in the morning and it was quite cold especially when the you meet the morning gusts (breeze seemed a tad too gentle). This is one of those moments I’m thankful for all the layers of stored fat I have in me. I decided to walk as I ate such a healthy breakfast. In less than 10 minutes, I was at the office all comfortably warm.

I love this weather. No sarcasm there. I’d take the cold any day more than the heat. This, of course, is from someone who lives in the tropics. Why, it was colder outside than in the convenient store this morning.

Plus, I needed the cool weather to help deal with my temper and frustration. In hindsight, I think I passed a major test on patience and temper control.  I just needed two rounds of brisk walking at the office building. Reminded me of that one December afternoon where I took a round of walk at the Freedom Park to deal with a major episode – at 2pm. It was awfully hot then. I gather that I’d be taking a lot of those walks  in the next weeks – and months. Perhaps, I should think of keeping a change of shirts at the office for emergency purposes.

It is what it is. They are how they are. [And then take a deep breath.] And there’s nothing you can do about it. Repeat until calm. Pretend to believe these until you get used to the pretense. So used to it that you’re unaware you’re pretending. I guess they call that acceptance.