hello 2013 :D


This is going to be one eventful year and as always, I don’t really know how I’ll survive the next 365 days. It will be more challenging. There’s no doubt about that. That’s given. I’m hoping 2012 prepared me for these  challenges.

The first week’s a bit disorienting. I don’t have the 2013 planner with me. (Yeah, that’s just an excuse.) I’m still working on getting back to the normal work pace. I’m working from the hometown about 12 hours aways from the office. The television’s been my major excuse for avoiding work. That’s one reason why I’ll never get a TV for the apartment. (The other reason is cost – for the unit, electricity, and cable subscription.)

Strange but I am honestly looking forward to getting back to the worktable. I miss the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. And the documents I need are in the office plus the internet connection 😀

What I do dread – a bit – is how my apartment has been. I never thought I’ll have almost three weeks for this break. I love it! This makes up for the summer I wasn’t able to take a break from work.

After this long break, I’m ready to start crossing out deliverables for the month. I have no excuse not to be.



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