quality time with the aunt

The aunt must have taken pity on me being cooped in the house and invited me on a movie date. (I was too afraid to spend a peso more that I made sure I never left the house.) All expenses paid by her 😀 I’m such a parasite, I know.

Watched Sisterakas at the Pacific Mall.  Got some good laughs and several cringe worthy lines but it was a fun movie. And I got to spend time with the aunt. And got to watch movie (and snacks) for free. I’m one happy parasite accompanying the aunt as she indulged in some retail therapy.

We we are really not a family of words. During that whole afternoon spent with the aunt, we spent only about a third of the time engaged in a conversation or exchanging comments. During the van ride to the city – that’s about 45 minutes,  we didn’t really talk. But it was no cold silence. I guess, being there was enough. We are big on gestures, most of them unnoticeable. It’s like as there’s a built-in mental restraint from uttering words of concern or care. What isn’t spoken is expressed in a language of silence. When I was younger, I thought they just didn’t care. I know when they worry but they say nothing. When they do ask about things, the message is that they are worried more than the usual. I find it amusing sometimes when they try to make it part of a casual conversation. We, relatively younger generation are trying to use more words although it is such a big challenge. Among us sisters, we can manage. With the aunts and the father, it’s a bit more challenging.

With the aunt, all the aunts actually, there’s this dance of gestures – none of them mandatory.

  • You carry their extra bag or whatever package they’re holding aside form their usual hand/shoulder bag – and strongly insist if they decline. You can think of the most lame reason why you need to carry the bag. The reason doesn’t really matter. It’s you insisting that you carry the bag that matters.
  • You always assist them. They get in the vehicle first and alight from it last. Raise right arm for support in any case. There’s no need to overdo the assist. They’re not totally incapacitated. You make sure that they are always a step above you in the escalator when going up a floor and a step behind you when going down.
  •  You warn them on slippery floors, steep steps, and sudden changes in the terrain. When walking, you’re usually on the danger side.
  • With the third aunt, you’re conscious of any change in her breathing. She has this regular slight wheezing sound as she breathes. Any change in that and you ask is she’s alright.
  • Your walk pace is slow and you adjust your stride depending on the flow of pedestrians.
  • When dealing with lines, secure a seat for her. Good thing, there were seats for senior citizens in outside the movie theater.
  • Most importantly, you do all these unconsciously.

This is the one break I got to really spend time with the family. My finances are drained negative but it was worth it. This Christmas break is the best I’ve had so far. Nothing went as planned and it was great! Will be surviving on the ham giveaway courtesy of the office for next week. Good thing, I stocked up on groceries before I left and managed to settle the bigger bills.

I’ve been clearing the house supply of chocolates and coffee, errr… among others 😀 (Darn. I got to get new entries for that pedometer.)



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