guilt run

01032013So I might have stuffed myself during the holiday feast. To eat that much and sleep it off. My concept of a break. I could feel how much slower I moved with the added load in me. The pants would never shrink and the mirror, let’s just say they were the motivation for the year’s first jog.


It was a gloomy morning, which I took as a good sign. It’s been raining during mornings these past week making it difficult to schedule the jog. An evening run was not an option. It’s too dark.

Made several stops to let the rains pass. Our rains here are way stronger (bigger and more droplets with the winds). One could opt of an a run in the rain if only it wasn’t that cold and the droplets blinding, not to mention the impact they make upon splattering into your face. It reminded me of Koronadal rains. Abundant. Cold. Piercing.

Was soaked when I got back. Honestly, I was more worried about the newly treated hair to revert to the frizzy state. Thankfully, it didn’t. A significant part of my bonus would have had gone to waste.


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