got the bangs :D

The difference between what the mirror presented at the end of the session and your imagined hairstyle is indicative of your communication skills – or simply how good the stylist was.

Finally mustered enough courage to get the full bangs for 2013 ūüôā

From my perspective
From my point of view

I just couldn’t wait a day more so two hours before my bus departs for Laguna, I paid a visit at David’s Salon at the second floor of the Metro¬†Pacific Mall¬†in¬†Legazpi City. The aunt accompanied me.

I¬†was entrusted¬†to Mr. Ren, the¬†hair stylist. We discussed the¬†hair style¬†I wanted. He was very patient with me. I give him that. He offered suggestions, which were great! I just love how he consults clients on his suggestion. Other stylists do what they want with your hair and you’re left dealing with what they thought would look good on you. (That view isn’t always shared by the client.) He made it a point to confirm if he got the descriptions right by using visuals.

With Mr. Ren, I got to appreciate why the price¬†was set¬†at that level. You get your money’s worth.

Left the salon giddy with a stupid grin on my face.



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