settling (back) in

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, the apartment was dusty and was in such a disarray but that’s normal. Cleared the bed and was dead asleep. After about 12 hours’ travel, I just to need lie down.

It was noon when I woke up. Launched into the annual (read: once a year) general cleaning at the apartment. Cleared cobwebs from the ceiling and wiped the dust of the walls with diluted bleach. Disposed of old clothes and the mess of notes and old receipts I’ve left everywhere. Waxed the floor blood-red and scrubbed the bathroom clean. The blackout sometime during my absence crossed out the fridge de-frosting I had to do in my list of tasks.  I did have to rid the fridge of most of its contents.

Ordered in water and dropped off the laundry. Reported to the mother’s house for a try a fixing her laptop (failed) late in the afternoon. I was back at the apartment before dark hoping have a few rounds at the field. Then it rained. Oh well, might as well sleep it off. I got some serious deadlines tomorrow. Of course, I’ll start working on them early – tomorrow 😀


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