such luck

The reek of rat essence welcomed me into the first work day of 2013 as I opened the office door. Shreds of plastic containers, wood, and papers littered the room.

And a happy new year to you too, I thought trying to come up with a visual of the rats (I’m certain it’s plural) that made such a good use of the room over the break. Here I was looking forward to having an early start for the year. I was at the office at 7am. It turned out that I’d be using the first three hours of word disposing everything that had teeth marks on it and everything which smelled of our dear friends – which was a LOT. Of course, there’s the alcohol spray and the bleach as attempts for disinfection – and to rid the room of the stench. I worked the first three hours of 2013 with no air conditioning (had to open the windows to let the room breathe) as I wiped table surfaces and the floor of disinfectant.

It was about lunch time when I was able to deal with work in a room that smelled like a newly cleaned bathroom. (Should have bought an air freshener.) So I tried to get back to the routine of preparing coffee. As luck would have it, the glass surface cracked upon contact with the water. No coffee for the day. It’s really not that bad since the creamer and sugar I’d be using with coffee’s also gone – as their thick plastic containers were also turned to shreds by our dear rat friends. My spare water container was more fortunate. It only has a small portion at the bottom of it bitten off rendering it useless for holding water.

It wasn’t the first work day of the year I planned and hoped for. Then again, that’s one of the things 2012 manage prepare me for. Things seldom go as planned and a lot of things can fuck up – and they’ve got great timing. It’s not about how bad it was or how Fate loves tormenting you. What matters more is how you dealt with it and how you made the best use of the remaining hours of that lucky day.


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