after five

The first work week of 2013 ends!

I’d sleep ’til afternoon tomorrow. I’ve been looking forward to the past 5 pm Friday. Tested the dimly lit office. It felt cozy. Loving the red desk lamp. I can see that the obsession with red things is growing.

If only I could work in this darkness all day. Then again, I wouldn’t really want to give up the morning view for the dreary vertical blades that remind me of hospitals for some reason. Strange, because I’ve never really seen vertical blades in the hospital rooms I’ve been confined in. The blades melt into the dark a little after the 5 pm siren. One of my favorite times at work.

The students were surprised with how dark the room was. Comments about this room seemed to linger on the too bright or too dark ends. In the mornings, I slide the blades to the sides so that light would filter into the room. Definitely bright. It takes a while for some people to adjust to the overwhelming brightness. That much light keeps me awake and alert.

At past 5 pm though, all the caffeine I’ve taken in is hard at work. No need to worry about keeping awake. There’s that warm comfortable feel in working under the desk lamp light (quite unnecessary since the laptop has lit screen). There’s something that keeps one  seated tapping away, hoping to cross out another task in the day’s would-be backlogs.

With the lingering scent of the day’s coffee (plus the coffee spills on the table including some of the documents) and what remains of the coolness from airconditioning (that was switched off at 4 pm, mind you), somehow one feels sorry to leave. As one locks up, the plans for tomorrow’s start occupy the mind. And for months now, one looks forward to entering the room the next day.



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