okay so far

It’s the second sister’s birthday today. That’s something I could not miss. In my sleep deprived state, I’m glad I remembered. A greeting in advance and another greeting today – just to make sure I remembered. After all she has done for me, I knew she’d kill me if I forgot šŸ˜€ Pity I cannot teleport to the hometown so I could join the birthday feast. It’s her first birthday as a “mother”. Well technically, she’s already a mother. We’re all hoping for a safe delivery and a healthy baby come August. Why even the flights have been scheduled by us future (once again) aunts.

I’m also waiting for a package to arrive today. I’ve been looking forward to it since the start of the month. I can understand the delay. It’s just been such a long wait šŸ˜€

Been blessed with a pleasant vision at the jeepney stop. Even I am extremely thankful for such brief exposures to aesthetically pleasing males (by preference). Once you live in this town, it becomes understood that being this pathetic is kinda the default setting for 20-something females who don’t really exert the effort to get out of town. The chance of havingĀ aesthetically pleasing males (by preference) Ā about your age is next to nil. I do love to exaggerate, I know. In this case, I’m not.

The smile I carried to the office faded – a bit – when I heard a chorus of beeps echoing along the hallway. Blackout. Great. You go to the office for an early start at work and there’s Ā a blackout. Good thing it’s a gloomy morning. I love this weather. I don’t suffer as much in my long sleeved sweaters or shirts. Opened the office windows to take in the cool morning air. Not rat activity evident in the room. Thank goodness.

Me being at the office this early does not mean I’m such a good employee. I am actually cramming the transcriptions the one-month old interviews I did for my research in today’s schedule. Out of 34, I’ve only managed to finish two interviews. Yeah, and I need the data analyzed by this month so I can graduate this semester.

That’s what one get for wasting the Christmas break – all three weeks! Such a waste of time. What’s done is done and I did return rested and more than well nourished. I’d be sick this time of the year – usually. Not this time. (Or not yet, at least.) I’m putting rest on top priority this year. I’d rest if I feel tired. It’s more efficient working that way. Slow but steady progress. Although, I am hoping the pace would increase later on.

So far, 2013’s okay.


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