I hate waiting. It’s frustrating. It requires a lot of patience. And time. Wasted time.

Surprisingly, dealing with impatience seemed more the challenge than completing the day’s tasks. I could not keep myself from looking at the gate hoping to see anything that resembles the rider of this courier company. They suck. I’m composed a lengthy message to the merchant and this courier company. I’m thankful I didn’t send it. It wouldn’t have helped anyway. The package is still somewhere in transit.

But I have a  lot to be thankful for. And all these I gathered on my way home. The landlady was kind enough not to charge me with 10% late payment fee, I got a compliment from the suki carinderia where I usually buy my meals, and I had a pleasant exchange with the laundry shop owner. Everything was light and pleasant when I reached home. The sight of the neighbor’s dog always a welcome site.

Today wasn’t that bad. Even if it were, I had carried a box of blueberry cheesecake to make things better 😀 And a pineapple upside down cake with that.

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