Initial laid out draft completed. Now awaiting comments for revision. Will still be  proofreading this one in a while. I’m really looking forward to sending a draft off to the press.

If only I could exert the same effort for my research, I would have completed the transcriptions by now. How I wish I could pay myself to prioritize my thesis  😀 Be my own client. That’s a thought.  (This is desperation.) Although I doubt the self-trickery would really work. When I’m desperate enough (more desperate than I am now) and when I have cash (now this is more of a challenge), I’d give this one a try.

It really doesn’t help when one (that would be me) knows that her client (still me) doesn’t have the cash to pay for the services rendered. I’ve run out of motivations for completing even just the transcriptions. I haven;t even touched the analysis part and the writing – the rewriting and the re-rewriting and the defense. God help me. And me, do please (seriously) help me.

Completing three out of 34 transcriptions in laughable. If I were my advisee, I’m get some serious lecture how one should prioritize working on transcribing the interviews immediately after conducting them. I did observe that I’ve become much more understanding to my research advisees’ concerns and limitations. I’ve constantly been using we. The advice is usually themed This-is-what-I-did. Don’t-be-like-me.

These days, I could tie everything that happens to my research – rather, the absence of its tangible form.


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