February jog log

Two runs for February. That’s half of the ideal weekly run 😐

February 17, 2013
February 19, 2013



Day 1/3. Graceland Estates and Country Club in Tayabas, Quezon

We waited the entire day to have time to check the place out. This is our second work event in the place. The lake, although man-made, has always been my favorite spot.

Tonight, the place looked festive with the colorful lights.Someone was celebrating her party at the restaurant. We were even invited by one of the organizers to help ourselves with the food since there was a lot of leftovers. We would have gladly taken the offer if we weren’t feeling full from the heavy dinner we were just served. That reminds me, the walk was an attempt to burn some of the dinner 😀02182013

We could only go boating until 5pm. It was dark when the the workshop ended. We could only wander around the late. A good chance to plan tomorrow’s jog route.02182013bI have to try that pedal boat during tomorrow’s lunch break.02182013cFeeling a bit weary from the walk (and the transfer to a room with functioning airconditioning unit), I believe I won’t be having any problems sleeping tonight.


got cut off

Major embarrassment. Never again. The long hours of waiting. No, it’s really the embarrassment of having a stable enough job and failing to uphold my end of the responsibility.

So I thought I should balance all this major negativity with some goodness by helping someone – anyone. Thank goodness, someone needed assistance with printing copies of the newsletter. I was more than willing to help. I even got words of gratitude. The time spent not thinking about my embarrassment was good enough an exchange with the help extended. The expression of gratitude was a bonus.

I should be the one uttering words of thanks. It kept me sane. Those prints saved my day 😀

still sick

02072013This made coming to work today (despite this health condition) all worth it!

Got a phone call from the printing press a little after lunch. I was worried that there might have been some problem with the newspaper printing. There was nothing to be worried about. In fact, the printing press called to notify us that they were on their way to Laguna to deliver our second issue a day in advance! -with 200 excess (slash “free”) copies!

It was a great day. The excitement kept me going until the end of the work day.

I went home feeling drained. The shivers, stronger. The throat, still a burning. Still sick.



In reality, there’s no “leave” from work – as long as there’s access to the work email and the cellphone is on.

I did have a significantly shorter to-do for the day. The entries are mostly about the time I last too the medication and temperature notes. Dealt with the back from last week.

Most of the time I spent sleeping. I’m thankful for this brand of paracetamol. It makes sleeping easier to do. I fall asleep fast. I get longer and more restful sleep. I got to rest. Although, I still have dreams of the projects and the thesis and the small little stories that makes no sense.

Got a visit from the third sister – and a restock of fruits and tea. The third sister has become my regular sitter every time I’m sick. I still have my thermometer from the last time I was hospitalized. And then I found myself praying, “Please don’t let me be hospitalized this time.”


01062013For some reason, the joints started to ache towards late in the afternoon.

Earlier today, I did find it a bit odd that I’d be shivering given that I wore a cardigan at the office – in the middle of the summer-like heat.

It was later in the afternoon that I became aware of the dry throat, which became a full blown sore throat despite all the water I’ve gulped (- and the frequent visits to the comfort room). Not the best condition during this time of the semester.

I could not go home early because we were to finish the second newspaper issue draft for the printing press. We had to send the file tonight so the newspaper can be released within the week.

Went to the department secretary and filed for a sick leave for tomorrow. Stocked on paracetamol on the way home and texted the sisters that I’d be working from home – and requested that they pay me a visit if they don’t hear from me by Friday. A precautionary measure 😀

This is one of those days I’m really thankful I have a sofa in the office. Got a few minutes nap every time the shivering gets more intense. Thankfully at 6:30pm, the draft edits were encoded and we were able to send the newspaper file to the press – to everyone’s relief. We submitted the file a day late and we’ll be releasing the second issue also a day late. It’s far from ideal but we work with what we have. It was the best thing we could do with the context we had. Still proud of this group 🙂


Finds: Banaue, Ifugao

Keychains at P25

Keychains remain to be one of the most popular (and cheap) souvenirs one could take back home. What we’ve observed is that the farther the store from the municipal hall, the less expensive they become.

Charms at P150

Charms come in varying sizes and materials. There are charms made of wood, silver, gold, bronze, and combinations. The prize would depend on the metal used and the size. This one’s made of metal from old one-peso coins. One of the researchers got two necklace charms for P150 😐

Book mark at P150


This one has got to be the best find for the Banaue trip. As we waited for other members of the team to decide on their purchases, we notice this strange piece and asked the store attendant what it was. He explained that it was a book marker. That took a while to process. At P150, two of us bought the same design. They were the last two stocks. We tried searching for a similar piece in other store but found none.


IMG_1456I’m still figuring out what the “creature” is or what it represents. Will try to ask around during our next visit.