Destination: Day 1/2 Banaue, Ifugao

We arrived at about 6 am after about 11 hours’ bus ride. It wasn’t the most comfortable bus ride but considering the P450 fare, it was okay. There was a steady drizzle when we got out of the bus. And it was really cold.


The Ohayami Bus Station is located at the Poblacion of Banaue. It was a bit disappointing to see more buildings than the terraces. Then again, this was after all the poblacion. It would be a challenge to get a shot without any concrete infrastructure. Still, the view was beautiful, fog and all.

Less than ten minutes from the bus station is the People’s Lodge, our home for this visit. The group settled for break. The long trip did leave us hungry.


The research staff’s bonded over the familiarization of the Poblacion layout – on foot – as we searched for a missing watch and a shoe repair shop, taking note of the local crafts shop (as well as the trinket prices) as we go along.

Noticed the red stains on the side streets and the large dried brown leaves on the sidewalk stalls. There were also several signs asking people not to spit “moma” in a the area. Everywhere people chewed on leaves that stained their teeth reddish brown. It was a bit distracting at first but you’ll get used to the site in a few hours.

The people are friendly perhaps because they are used to new faces in their town. European tourists flock the area. The people here are more fluent in English than they are in Filipino. And some even speak with European accent, unintentionally and/or unconsciously.

Their version of “raincoats”

public market

Tricycles at the public market

In the afternoon, we two of these tricycles to bring the equipment and experiment materials to Brgy. Poitan.

up the experiment site

We accompanied the research team up their sites for us to get a better idea about their project. We helped in the leaf picking part and in the photo documentation.

That’s our project leader (who also happens to be my research adviser) in the pink backpack picking leaves for the experiment sample.

After this afternoon I believe we’ll all sleep soundly tonight.


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