Destination: Day 2/2 Banaue, Ifugao

Woke up at four in the morning. Was very thankful to have a water heater. We were expected to be in the site before 8 am.

Initially, we planned to visit Barangays Poitan, Kinakin, and Amganad and meet with the heads of the barangay to discuss our project with them and hopefully, get copies of their barangay development plans. We were fortunate to schedule a meeting with Brgy. Poitan’s Brgy. Captain Marcos Mulao at such a short notice. We established contact with the wife of the head of Brgy. Kinakin. We have yet to meet with the two barangay heads in our next visit. Fortunately, we obtained copies of the barangay profiles. (Photocopying is a bit pricey in this town.)

Brgy. Captain Marcos Mulao with our project leader (left) and a research assistant from another research project who was kind enough to help us establish contact with the community stakeholders.
just another day at work
Just another day at work

Here’s the other research team braving the rain (and the winds!) as they setup their experiment in one of the terraces together with the local guide/farmer Kuya Gerry.



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