back to Elbi

We arrived at the Ohayami Bus Station in Sampaloc, Manila at about four in the morning.

We had a stressful start for the trip back home. The Ohayami Bus decided to cancel the trip we secured reservations for because there were only 10 passengers. They informed us of this cancellation less than 24 hours before the trip. We ended up taking a 6pm bus to Lagawe (P30) where we took the 7:45pm bus bound for Manila. Apparently, it’s a common practice to cancel trips when there’s few passengers. Since there’s no other bus line in Banaue with trips straight to Manila, one would rather save time to catch the earliest bus to Manila from Lagawe, an hour’s ride from Banawe.

Such cases would be a bit more tolerable if we only had our personal luggage however, with use were three ice chests of experiment samples and a large case of equipment and paraphernalia. That makes the bus transfers more challenging. That bus ride to Lagawe was an hour’s torture of competing for limited oxygen supply in that enclosed non-airconditioned bus. The head felt like exploding. And no matter how much air you take in, there was that feeling of drowning. All of us got off the bus feeling wobbly and drained. The first thing we looked for in Lagawe was a pharmacy to get supplies of vapor rub and scented oils to deal with the nausea.

Fortunately, the bus was in way better condition than the one we rode in from Manila to Banaue. The rest of the trip was pleasant enough, relatively. It was freezing cold. The bonnet wasn’t enough to keep my brains from freezing so I took out the dependable malong and cocooned myself in it.

We arrived in Los Baños at around six in the morning. It was such a relief to back home. Fell asleep dreaming of that whole body massage I’ve been fantasizing about in the past two days.


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