InPhoto: Banaue, Ifugao

the daily walk
We met the lady on our way (hike, actually) to the experiment sites. She offered a smile and a slight bow in greeting unmindful of load she was carrying as she made her way down the steps barefoot.
She spent a long time looking at the view. Seems to be part of the morning habit. Couldn’t blame her. One can lose oneself in one’s thoughts with their yard’s view of the terraces.
mornings 2
The constant hammering heard during our interview can be traced from the yard. The day starts with the farmers checking and repairing farming tools before they go to their terraces.
All hand made. Locals customize their own containers, nets, among other tools from wood carvings. Each object is unique and bears the marks of fine craftsmanship

traditional house 2traditional house banaue

The traditional houses we passed as we continued on to the experiment sites. In the past, these houses were the sole residence and home of the natives. At present, some of these houses are used as stock room for the family’s palay harvest while the family resides in a concrete structure a few meters away.

wild berries
Found the pretty berry as we were picking leaf samples.

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