Finds: Banaue, Ifugao

Keychains at P25

Keychains remain to be one of the most popular (and cheap) souvenirs one could take back home. What we’ve observed is that the farther the store from the municipal hall, the less expensive they become.

Charms at P150

Charms come in varying sizes and materials. There are charms made of wood, silver, gold, bronze, and combinations. The prize would depend on the metal used and the size. This one’s made of metal from old one-peso coins. One of the researchers got two necklace charms for P150 😐

Book mark at P150


This one has got to be the best find for the Banaue trip. As we waited for other members of the team to decide on their purchases, we notice this strange piece and asked the store attendant what it was. He explained that it was a book marker. That took a while to process. At P150, two of us bought the same design. They were the last two stocks. We tried searching for a similar piece in other store but found none.


IMG_1456I’m still figuring out what the “creature” is or what it represents. Will try to ask around during our next visit.




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