01062013For some reason, the joints started to ache towards late in the afternoon.

Earlier today, I did find it a bit odd that I’d be shivering given that I wore a cardigan at the office – in the middle of the summer-like heat.

It was later in the afternoon that I became aware of the dry throat, which became a full blown sore throat despite all the water I’ve gulped (- and the frequent visits to the comfort room). Not the best condition during this time of the semester.

I could not go home early because we were to finish the second newspaper issue draft for the printing press. We had to send the file tonight so the newspaper can be released within the week.

Went to the department secretary and filed for a sick leave for tomorrow. Stocked on paracetamol on the way home and texted the sisters that I’d be working from home – and requested that they pay me a visit if they don’t hear from me by Friday. A precautionary measure đŸ˜€

This is one of those days I’m really thankful I have a sofa in the office. Got a few minutes nap every time the shivering gets more intense. Thankfully at 6:30pm, the draft edits were encoded and we were able to send the newspaper file to the press – to everyone’s relief. We submitted the file a day late and we’ll be releasing the second issue also a day late. It’s far from ideal but we work with what we have. It was the best thing we could do with the context we had. Still proud of this group đŸ™‚


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