In reality, there’s no “leave” from work – as long as there’s access to the work email and the cellphone is on.

I did have a significantly shorter to-do for the day. The entries are mostly about the time I last too the medication and temperature notes. Dealt with the back from last week.

Most of the time I spent sleeping. I’m thankful for this brand of paracetamol. It makes sleeping easier to do. I fall asleep fast. I get longer and more restful sleep. I got to rest. Although, I still have dreams of the projects and the thesis and the small little stories that makes no sense.

Got a visit from the third sister – and a restock of fruits and tea. The third sister has become my regular sitter every time I’m sick. I still have my thermometer from the last time I was hospitalized. And then I found myself praying, “Please don’t let me be hospitalized this time.”


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