Day 1/3. Graceland Estates and Country Club in Tayabas, Quezon

We waited the entire day to have time to check the place out. This is our second work event in the place. The lake, although man-made, has always been my favorite spot.

Tonight, the place looked festive with the colorful lights.Someone was celebrating her party at the restaurant. We were even invited by one of the organizers to help ourselves with the food since there was a lot of leftovers. We would have gladly taken the offer if we weren’t feeling full from the heavy dinner we were just served. That reminds me, the walk was an attempt to burn some of the dinner 😀02182013

We could only go boating until 5pm. It was dark when the the workshop ended. We could only wander around the late. A good chance to plan tomorrow’s jog route.02182013bI have to try that pedal boat during tomorrow’s lunch break.02182013cFeeling a bit weary from the walk (and the transfer to a room with functioning airconditioning unit), I believe I won’t be having any problems sleeping tonight.



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