March jog log

March 21, 2013

The longer jog time doesn’t make up for the fact that I only had one jog for the month. Hopefully, the next month would have more logs 😦

passed :D


I can sleep tonight!

That was the only thing I could remember as I packed my things to exit the exam room. I still have a LOT of revisions for the research manuscript. Still, I’m a step closer to earning the right to wear sablay this April.


The cake arrived before the graduate committee formally declared that I passed the thesis defense. I didn’t even hear the chair of the committee utter the words. I just knew I passed because the three members were relaxed and were smiling. I had to confirm I really passed the exam – just to be sure. The family members have been asking for regular updates since last week.

As of now, it’s not yet certain if I’ll be able to join the UPLB Class of 2013. There’s still a lot of things that can go wrong from today to having my name in the Graduate School’s list of students to complete their masters.

The next days will remain to be challenging. There will be fees to pay, documents to deal with, and a research manuscript to finalize. And then there would be the work backlog that has piled over the week’s focus on the defense and the manuscript revisions.

Roamed the halls of the college to share the cake. A good way to de-stress. It was on the way home that I realized I wasn’t able to eat at all.




IMG_1572 copyThe Flipped scene with Chet and Bryce remain to be one of the all-time favorites. I remember repeatedly rewinding back to the scene –and I just had to look up the word iridescent 😀


Saw this copy yesterday. It’s the weekend after I submitted the first draft of the research manuscript. I thought it would be a nice treat. Read the book in a sitting. It was a few hours back to childhood –of giddiness, irritation, and amusement.